Vaglio rotativo

Waste and metal recycling plant

Special machines for specific processes such as industrial shredders, screening systems, slag recovery or inertial separators. Everything from design to installation …

Deferizzatore magnetico a doppio tamburo

Waste treatment and recovery plants

Machines designed to treat the waste of non-ferrous metal working and recover all the reusable product, lowering costs and helping the environment.

Transport systems and bulk material storage

Conveyors, screw conveyors, vibrating feeders, weighed storage systems and everything needed to handle loose materials and store them easily.

Impianti di trasporto carichi isolati

Transport system for isolated loads

Whether they are palletizing machines for ingots or bagging lines, we design and implement the transport, handling and stacking systems for the loads you need.


Foundry plants

Casting machines for continuous or step-by-step casting, rotary ovens, all connected to our renowned slag recovery plants to guarantee a functional and uninterrupted line.

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