Waste grinding and recovery plants

The forty-year-old experience our company developed in the field of non-ferrous metals and the great development foundries have experienced over the last few years helped us understand that the scarce waste production from state-of-the art kilns and their poor yield, as well as high management charges and administrative difficulties in complying with current Laws contributed to increase the need for waste handling from refineries but also foundries and drawing mills which do not want to renounce the materials they contain since they are important resources in the current market of raw materials and scrap iron.

Transport of materials

Officina Ballestri manufactures equipment and machines for grinding ecological, transport and storage of bulk materials used in metallurgy, ceramics, cement, mining and chemical industries.

Purpose-built Machinery

We specialize in the realization of machines and equipment for specific processes. Matches from the design or know- how of the customer provided by the customer in respect of environment and safety of workers .

Metal carpentery works

We also produce works of carpentry and mechanical processing medium-heavy by design.