The Story

azienda-1 Officina Ballestri s.r.l., based in the province of Modena, has been dealing with medium/heavy carpentry and metal turning for over one hundred years, thanks to the commitment of 4 generations. It has manufactured grinding, refining, ventilation and powder and bulk solids handling equipment for sixty years, while providing targeted assistance and industrial spare parts. Forty years ago, before the world awakening to ecological matters and waste disposal, we conceived the idea of a mill aimed at refining and recovering materials through dry grinding; in the ’70s and ’80s we designed two series of ball mills (among the first ones to be manufactured in Italy) while striving to improve the original projects and minimize maintenance costs, the highest charges foreign countries had to face while undertaking such a procedure:

M. 1- 2 and 3 series: discontinuous, ventilated grinding for metallurgical applications and the handling of wastes from non-ferrous materials ( Aluminium, Zinc, Brass Bronze, Zamak…)

MAP 9-10-11-12-13 series: continuous grinding for the pulverization and sieving of materials requiring very fine finishes and light cuts, such as ceramic wastes, refractory materials, sinterized dolomite, brick wastes, coke, fluorite, minerals and so on. In the ’90s, thanks to the implementation of investments in both human resources and technical applications, we focused on these activities, thus realizing more compact, safer and cleaner products than the rudimental pioneering ones and attracting large numbers of customers working in the metallurgical, ceramic, cement, chemical and mining industry.


A regular and proactive cooperation with some of the most important Italian and foreign industries gives us the possibility to improve and renovate products on a regular basis,  as well as to develop considerable expertise in the fields of plant engineering (industrial kilns and rotary parts separators), the handling of bulk solids (from the finest powders to the biggest granulometries) and the production of experimental machines, thanks to the Know-How we acquired working in similar fields.

Our Mission

Thanks to a recent corporate reorganization and our commitments aimed at improving and renovating both jobs and machines, we now strive to offer customers complete, safe, state-of-the-art and eco-friendly products, both standard and experimental machines and prompt and skilled maintenance, repair and operations.

Our corporate philosophy is based on an ideal bridge between the past and the future which allows us to start from the considerable expertise we developed and the passion of our staff until reaching the most modern design and mechanical technologies and providing guests complete and unique services.


Mills, industrial kilns and rotary parts separators
Complete plants for metal waste grinding and recovery
Plants engineering for non-ferrous metals foundries and refineries
Powder and bulk solids handling, measuring and storage equipment (screw pumps, conveyor equipment, chain machines and mould vibrators)
Realization of machines or parts of them
Medium/heavy carpentry and turning
Industrial spare parts
Maintenance, repair and operations

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Equipped technical office: ( AutoCAD Mechanical 2008) design, project analyses, planning development and feasibility studies.
Company area : 2000 m² surmounted by overhead cranes and block and tackle units.
Cutting tools: shear conveyers having different capacities, hydraulic and mechanical shears, plasma cutting tables and thermal fuses.
Machines for working plates and profiles: hydraulic bending press, hydraulic press, bending rolls, profile-bending machine.
Welding plants: TIG- MIG –MAG –Electrodes- Punching machine- Welding of Iron, Stainless-steel, Aluminium and Cast iron.

Mechanical works: 3 Centre lathes having different capacities, 2 milling machines, 2 notching machines, 3 upright drills, large-capacity radial drill.
Warehouse : Hardware, nuts and bolts, bearings, industrial spare parts.
Means of transport: 2 breakdown trucks equipped for maintenance; 1 company car for prompt intervention.